Friday, September 28, 2007

Journal Me This......

So, ever since I took a journal lecture from Teesha Moore at the Carson RSC in July, I have been steadily working on my first one. Now my style is not my own....technically. I have pretty much followed her techniques step by step. Her images and writing and layouts are just so amazing, and I am trying, I guess, to kind of find my own way via her way. I named this journal "A Year in Faith and Art" and I spend alot of time journaling during worship at church, or listening to worship music. I still journal everday stuff, the process of designing and finishing my art studio, and normal stuff. But it has definitely helped me start to find my own journal style. I am going to Art and Soul Retreat in No. CA next April, and will be taking a 3 day journal class. I am so excited.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Zentangle What???

"Zentangle is an easy to learn and relaxing method of creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns. It is a fascinating new art form that is fun and relaxing. It increases focus and creativity. Zentangle provides artistic satisfaction and an increased sense of personal well being. "

This is what the Zentangle website says about this art form. I don't know how new it is or how much my personal sense of well being will be affected, however..............I LOVE IT!! I took an online class with the originators of this art form, and via webcam and conferencing, learned a couple of simple techniques. That was 3 hours ago and I just finished what was started in class. Intricate, detailed, hypnotic and, well, just super fun. I ordered the kit and am excited to go a little deeper into this style.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Kelly Clarkson - Up to the mountain (Idol gives back)

Up to The Mountain

Ok, I freely admit it........I am a huge American Idol Fan. I watch it every season, I pick my favorites and I vote every week. Ok, that being said, the best performances of any season, to me, was the Idol Gives Back Concert. Especially the duet with Kelly Clarkson and Jeff Beck. When I heard the song that night, I was moved. And I have continued to be moved every time I listen to it. Which is every day, because it is on my worship playlist on my Ipod. I wanted to share it with anyone who hasn't heard it. It is amazing.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Welcome to Studio 13 - For Reals!

So special thanks to my hubby, for working endlessly to help me put this together. This is my computer desk, with the coolest lamp ever!! Next is the super organized shelving from IKEA, with every bin labeled. The upper wall cabinets hold art books, ATC binders, photo albums, specialty papers and software. The photos are over the computer desk and are of my boy helping paint the room with Daddy, and his first day of school. Then there is the work desk, where hopefully my Muse will meet me everytime I sit down. The wall hanging has some photos, my charm bracelet from "Muses" charm swap, and pages from my Art Journal.
So needless to say I am extremely happy, extremely exhausted, and feel right at home here.

Last Skinny page

This is page 5 of the skinny book pages. Since I will be copying and embellishing the copies, I will make 5 of each(plus one for our lovely host Chrysti), and keep the originals.

Ok maybe this one is my favorite, titled "Nesting Creativity" I do like a good bird theme!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Skinny Pages 3 and 4

These are pages 3 and 4 of the skinny book. "A Year in Faith and Art" is my favorite, and the second one says "under the fairy tree"

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Finally flooring

So finally got the flooring down. Wow, for waiting for three weeks for this tile, and it was done in two hours. We just need to finish the carpet edges and base moulding. and clean all of our sticky grimy fingerprints of the white!! I am so excited, now the furniture and organization begins.

Hopefully by next weekend I will be Officially in my new studio!!

Skinny Book Pages

These are the first two originals in a skinny book swap I am in. I am using techniques from Chrysti Hydeck, in her Cloth Paper Scissors article. I absolutely loved every step of this techniques. If you have not made backgrounds like Chrysti's, try it. You are in for a treat.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Am I Smarter than a First Grader????-Reposted from September 2007

Well, let's see. My five year old son was put up into the 1-3 grade class at his Montessori school. He was an early reader, so they decided to see how he did with the upper grades. So besides whining because there was more homework, he was doing ok.
Last week I went to pick him up from school, and we went into his class to get his homework out of his cubby. There was the phonics workbook, and a worksheet that looked like it has not been finished. When I looked close I saw that it was subtraction of three digit numbers. You know, like 824 - 411 =? I figured another older kid must have accidentally put his worksheet into Connor's cubby. There is no way my just turned 5 year old could possible be doing this level of work. Everyone always puts their names on the papers, so I looked to see who's cubby this should go into. I said "Connor, this isn't your work, where is Hto's cubby?" That was the name that was in the upper left corner of the paper, right above the first problem, where kids always put their name. (Now wait for it, this is the funny part) I kid you not, he rolled his eyes at me and said "MOM" "That is not "Hto", that stands for hundreds, tens and ones, you know, for subtraction" So I ask the question again? Am I smarter than a First Grader???? ummmmmm

Friday, September 14, 2007

My First "Official" Framed piece of art

Ok so I did this piece awhile back, but it truely is my favorite. It started out as 3 different canvass collages: A 6"x8", a 5"x7" and a 4"x6". I was trying out different background techniques from Claudine Hellmuth's "Collage Discovery Workshop". I never planned on them being put together, but I came from from Nashville( a CKC convention and visit my friend Barb) and I had a 10"x20" blank piece of canvass in my stuff, and thought why not? Plus they all turned out to be along the same color scheme. I think I had to try out every new embellishment and technique I learned in Nasville on this one collage. Then the guy at Arron Bros. did such an amazing job on the framing, that I completely fell in love with it. But of course this picture does not show the frame, and I can't seem to get a really good picture of it, that shows the frame as well as enough of the detail.

Altered Desk?

Leave it to me to take a pefectly good work table and alter it. If you look at the table a few posts down, you will see a really lame piece of panelling that hides the electrical stuff. It was UGLY! so I took it out and prettied it up a little bit. I made it double sided so I could flip the images if I wanted to. I am so ready to start using this table and get off my dining room table!!! Tile shipped, so it should be here by Wednesday. Guess what I will be doing all next weekend? Yikes, I better get the IKEA allen wrench ready. Seriously!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Toontown Rocks

Ok, so I am SURE I am not the only parent that has ever paid for, monitored or played an online game with their kids. I don't even think I am the only parent that has ever completely taken over a game. Well stand tall parents, stand tall! I started playing Toontown with my then 3 year old son. He quickly got bored, but not me!! I have been faithfully playing for over 2 years now and I still love it. Of course, I don't take days off work to play anymore, but I have been known to put a pot of coffee on at 9pm and play till the coffee is gone. Plus this is such a good, clean game. No violence to speak of, unless you count throwing pies at the bad guys. And I have made some amazing friends on that game!! So the next time you have a few hours (or weeks) to kill, check it out!

More Candles

This is our Jr. High Youth Group Logo "Elevate Youth"

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Candle Stamping

I learned a new technique from my friend Barb. Super fun with great results. This one might be used for a fundraiser for our Youth Group.

Recycled Tin Can ATC Holder

So I have mentioned I am participating in an online class doing various art techniques out of Bernie Berlin's book. One of the last few projects is a holder to hold all of the ATC's we have done over the last 14 weeks. I decided to do the tin can holder. It was my first introduction to rusting an object, and I think I kind of like the effect. I did, however, have to by a $20 can opener that cuts the rim off of the can, so it can still be used for a lid. And no sharp edges....Bonus! I like it, it's cool.

Take That IKEA!

So while in the process of creating my art space, my husband and I took a trip to IKEA. Now, for the most part, I love IKEA. I love their products, I love their prices, I even love the way they make you wander through the whole store, whether you like it or not. What I don't like about IKEA, is how much everyone else loves IKEA. What I mean by that is, all the good stuff is usually backordered into the next quarter. Now for one who prides herself on instant gratification, that does not hold well with me.

So when I found this great art table, complete with legs that have storage in them, I had to have it. Well, I got the table top, but the legs, well let's just say Halloween will have come and gone before they are back in stock. So since I have had an old drafting table stored at my husbands shop for, oh, about ten years, we decided to dust it off and see if it will work. Well, let me tell you!!! Did it work? BOY DID IT!! I now have, not only a great table top, but it is mounted on the legs of my old drafting table that mechanically raise and lower, and tilt back and forth. Gosh I am so happy.........(sigh) if I only had the flooring.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Digital Art

I have been involved in an online workshop with A.R.T. (Artists of the Round Table) that is going through the Book "Artist Trading Card Workshop" by Bernie Berlin. It has been an amazing journey. I have learned so much and been in awe of the other members' work. It pushes me to go beyond what is comfortable for me. The lesson this past week was to do an "Ultra Card" meaning an ATC that is out of the ordinary. Which is kinda funny, since all of Bernie's techniques are out of the ordinary.

Since my background is in the digital arts, I decided to go with a digital ATC, of which I had never done before. I also made it into a Diptych, which is a 2 panel card. I like the way it came out. I am also using this same design for a Halloween deck swap as well, but I will alter it in different ways. Hope you like it.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

In house Studio

So I have decided to stop my assault on my dining room, by creating my very own art space in our den. What used to be my 5 year old's play/tv room is now mine all mine!!! Ok, ok, so we turned the spare room into his play/tv room, I'm not completely selfish!! So below are pictures of my studio. The first is before, and next after the accent wall was painted. The third is my lovely new wall cabinets from IKEA and a new HD 19" flatscreen t.v. I LOVE IT! Still waiting about another week for the floor tiles to come in, but after that, I am ready to get this thing put together. Been talking about it for months already!