Sunday, October 28, 2007

Heroically Speaking

Ok, so my husband, Glenn, is a hero. Now I know what you are thinking, "Of course you would say that, he is your husband" or "Yes, a hero to the family, all fathers are." While these are both true, my husband truly is a hero. He has had more than his share of "right place at the right time" to be able to be used by God, for His purpose. He helped save a man whose ultra light plane crash landed into Lake Havasu. He pulled a young girl from a burning car after her SUV rolled into a ditch, and worked tirelessly giving CPR to a young man after an accident at the gas dock at our lake house. Unfortunately, not all endings were happy ones. But God uses him. That is my point, and he goes and does and allows himself to be used, however God sees fit.

He just left yesterday for a 2 week trip to Israel. Little nervous, yes, but even he knows that if the Lord wants him somewhere, he goes. So, after much prayer, and some fear, I have accepted what God may have in store for him. I believe that this will be an amazing trip, not just for him, but for the entire team going.

There are 3 Pastors, my husband, 2 members of our church, and a new Christian that is going to be baptized in the river Jordan. How amazing is that?! I am so excited for the things they will see, the lives they will touch, the blessing the Lord will pour, and the lessons they will learn. Here is the team that is going, please keep them in your prayers for God to use them as He needs. (L) to (R) Pastor Craig, Pastor Roy, Joyce, John (gonna get baptized!whoo hoo!)Glenn, Pastor Mandy, and Richard. Heroes, every one! I love you guys!!

Halloween CDV's

These are Altered CDV's. CDV's are "carte de visite" cards from the early to mid 1800's. Originally started as basically a calling card, when calling upon friends or aquaintences. They are 2 1/2" x 4" and mounted on heavy mat board. I belong to a group that artistically alters them, usually according to a theme. These are two made for the Halloween swap.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Is 40 Really the new 30?

No REALLY?? So my 40th birthday was Saturday, and what an amazing birthday it was. My hubby flew family out from Phoenix, and my best art buddy and her husband from Memphis!! Amazing!. So he threw me a "Princess Party". Ok, so anyone that knows me, knows that I have never had anything "princess" in my life. That goes for any birthday parties growing up too. Just not my thing. So I ask him a few days before the party, if he has any dollars that I can have to go buy something to wear. After all, it is not everyday a girl turns forty. (Thank you Jesus!) Now, mind you, I have no idea that there is a "theme" to this party. So he says, "Oh I have that taken care of, I already got you something to wear" Now if this does not strike fear into the heart of every woman, who's husband doesn't know exactly what size they wear, she must be a size 4. So this could go either way right? So I did the only thing I could do. Pretended like I didn't hear him, and went to buy a cute pair of jeans. So the day of the party comes, and I am out entertaining folks until early afternoon, and come home to my husband saying "Your outfit is hanging in the bedroom". So I go in to find the coolest princess costume ever!! Complete with elbow length white gloves and tiara. The entire backyard is set up beautifully, with catered food and a DJ (complete with Karaoke!!) So I don my princess outfit, and hit the party!! The caterer asks if I am the birthday girl. I tell him "No, I just like to be the center of attention wherever I go" Silly, of course I am! I am, after all, the princess!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


So this zentangle is ATC sized instead of the customary 3.5x3.5, because I wanted to include this in the workshop as one of my pen and ink "Ultracard"

Accordian Book

My online Bernie Berlin workshop is almost complete. I finished up the accordian book ATC holder yesterday. I did not like how my cardstock held the bleach, or I should say didn't hold it, but I made do with ALOT of ink and paint.