Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Music and Arts Festival This Weekend!

So I have been busy getting stuff ready for this weekend. My prints are ready, my originals are framed, my prices are set!! My wonderful hubby has spend the last two days making these amazing easels that can hold 4 large paintings on each one. And he made 9 of them!!! Not that I have that many pieces, but I can use them for any other show I do. I am hoping to show again in Phoenix @First Friday's next year, so I will be able to use them there. I am trying to get another booth right next to mine so we can have more room, but I might have waitied just a bit too long. We'll see!! So I hope all of you will come by and see, not only me, but the other amazing artists too, and be a part of Main Street Upland's First Annual Music and Arts Festival. Friday through Sunday 10am-10pm, downtown Upland.