Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cool new product

So my Facebook friend, Pam C. posted a few times about a cool new product she was trying out called Tulip Paint Cannons. They are fabric paints, used in a spray tube that you pump up with air and use like spray paint. I was needing to paint some patterns on a school project for my son, and I thought since my surface was not flat, that these would work great. Off to Michael's I went. I bought a few different colors, but only one paint cannon. That won't work, so I will be going back for several more cannons. I am not one to clean something out everytime I want to change colors.
These cannons, with the graffiti stencils that are part of the line, worked very nice. I should have practiced a little more to get the hang of it before I painted on the boy's project material, but it came out ok. I then moved on to my fun fun!!!!!
These are a couple of pages I did. I only used the paint sprayer on the city scape, but then I used the paper towel I blotted the stencil on for the next page like a reverse stencil. Cool.
I also used a couple of the stencils over a hand drawn steampunk city background, but here I used Colorbox chalks for the color. I love how these pages came out. Thanks Pam!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Send Off!

So tomorrow these, and more will get mailed off to Somerset for the Spring Art Journals Magazine. I wonder what my odds are to be published twice?? Hmmmm, we'll see!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Late Happy New Year

Well, it's not THAT late. It is, after all, still January. Busy month so far. A couple of Journal pages from the newest journal. I finished 2009's and whipped up 2010! The first one reads" Do you Ever Feel Like:....a fish outta water, lost and floundering, swimming down the middle of the street?"