Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kindness Mission: I'm in!

So we are just going to skip right over the part where I apologize for being a bad blogger....a slacker...if you will, and get right to the good stuff!!! Inspired Artist Kelly Rae Roberts has started a movement! Well, we hope it will be a movement, and if everyone participates it will be!! Go check out her blog post Here, where she talks about the Kindness Mission, and get busy!! Here is my photo of the two signs I put up in my local neighborhood Starbucks, in Claremont, CA
It is such a simple, yet inspired idea:  Someone having a bad day, or just a day where they need a little something to keep them going.  This could be it.  This could be what makes their day.  Seeing this sign, tearing off one of the little tabs, for just what they were needing that day.  It's Brilliant!! Mad love!  So besides this beautiful piece of"make my day", what else has been going on?  Well, Journalfest was last week and again, what a fabulous time hanging with my village!! It was my second year, and from what I understand, will be my last.  :( Sad, I know, but our friend Teesha Moore has bigger and better brewing I'm sure.  You can read about her announcements here.  So I am hoping to get to Artfest at the end of March, to get that last "fest" in!  Here are a few samples and pics of my time at Fort Worden, Port Townsend, WA.  It was magical as always.  I will miss it, that's for sure!

Docks at Port Townsend

the art of playing

Dear Cynthia

coolest tree ever



at the farmers market

Fisheye camera at the docks

again, coolest tree ever

seaweed heart on the sand

fisheye shot while driving


show and tell, Lisa Cheney Jorgensen's class

Lisa Cheney Jorgensen's "Savage Mirror" class

Thursday, October 6, 2011

For Ronny-I love You-"Drops of Jupiter" Originally posted 10-9-07

This song is dedicated to my friend Ronny. He passed away on Saturday and we are all shocked and devastated. None so much as his wife, Christy, I know. So what do we do now? How do you figure it out? How do you begin the process of not being completely devastated?
I know he loved this song. I remember going with Christy to install a new stereo in Ronny's truck for his birthday, and when he came home, she had this song playing in the stereo. He said he thought this song was so beautiful, it made him want to cry. Ronny, you are beautiful, and we are all crying. We love you and will miss you.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Gathering of Artisans and LINKwithlove

So on my mind this week is....the fact that I will be flying out to Asheville NC on Wednesday to take part in A Gathering of Artisans. I am so excited and cannot wait to see what God will do.  I am taking an all day class on Thursday with Carol Bomer, in her studio in Asheville.  It is a cold wax technique that I have never done, so I am really looking forward to it.   I have done encaustic painting before, but never with cold wax, so, we'll see!!

The rest of the weekend is amazing too.  I will be taking a class with Pattie Ann Hale, and look at the description of the class

"This workshop will take participants on a multi-sensory exploration through the scriptures of John 4. As we engage the scriptures of the woman at the well – her encounter with Jesus and his offer of living water – participants will symbolically and prophetically experience their own journey of encountering Jesus in this way"

Wow.....This is going to be awesome!!

There is also a personal cartography class and a bookbinding class and a journal class that I will be in, so, it's all good stuff!!!!! 
And since I have never been to North Carolina, I am excited to take lots of photos around the area!!. I will post pics once I get back.

Which leads me to what is also on my mind.  Thanks to the lovely blog post by Stella Singleton, I found out about LINKwith love.  this is a site dedicated to spreading the word about using images you find online, without proper credit.  It's about respect, and it is a big deal.  So hop on over and check out all my linky things!! :) And I will see you all next week!!

p.s.  I just had to post this pic becuase it is now my new favorite pic I have taken EVER!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011


So this is my first test drive to post to my blog from iPad. I am using Blogger+, and I am anxious to see how it will work. I tried a test blog, and found a little difficulty with uploading pictures. It seems there is an issue with getting the photos I want to post into the right place, so I can then pull them and upload. We'll see!

So I can pull from my blog photo album, and from the IPad photo album too, but if I want to upload from a camera, I will have to load to my Pc, then to ITunes, then into iPad . Hmmmm kind of tedious.
The caption feature also seems to not resize for blog, and there doesn't seem to be a Way to preview the size of the photo in relation to my blog template.

So let's try the link. This should take me to my friend Dana's blogcheck it here
Looks good!!!

So, all in all, looks like the only issue is uploading photos on the go. The whole point of blogging on iPad, is the portability, so I'll have to look for a workaround for the mobile photo uploading .
Happy blogging!!!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Can you say slacker??

Greetings all!! And first off, let me apologize for being such a bad blogger!! Things have been crazy around here since April!! Interior remodel, exterior remodel, blah blah blah.  But I'm back!!
And since I haven't posted any new work here in so long, this post will basically be stuff to look at!
But not before first giving God the glory for the amazing thing that is my life. Thank you Lord, your provision and grace is amazing and appreciated!!
So now, onto the stuff!!
Coming home - 24x32 acrylic and ink (nfs)

Donated piece for Susan G Komen event 16x20 acrylic and ink

My attempt at the masters 12x30 acrylic (nfs)

I heart my life 12x16 acrylic and ink (nfs)

His hands 12x12 arcylic (nfs)

a vision given to a pastor friend of mine 12x16 acrylic (sold)

24x30 acrylic (sold)

Covered by Him 32x32 acrylic and ink (nfs)

Under His shelter 32x64 acrylic and ink (nfs)

Imagination Garden 32x32 acrylic and ink (nfs)

Sacred Heart 16x20 acrylic and ink (sold)

Worship- I painted this during Easter Service Worship (nfs)

And this is what I have been doing for the last 6 months!! Wow, that is a long time!! Anyway, I am very excited about attending "A Gathering of Artisans" at the end of the month.  It is a 4 day retreat to inspire and stir up the artistic gifts that God has given us, and to incorporate in in a setting of worship.  I am beyond thrilled.  It is for all artists: painters, music, drama, dance, film....all of them.  It is being held right outside of Asheville NC, (where I have never been) and I can't wait to see what God does!!!
And then at the end of October, it's back to Port Townsend WA for Journalfest.  Got to be my favorite!!! I can't wait!!! Taking two classes with Juliana Coles, and one with Lisa Cheney Jorgensen, (who I took last year and fell in love with her)  So happy!!
God is good, all the time!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Where is my voice, and can it be Crimson? (re blogged from 2008)

So as an artist who has only been around the community for a couple of years, I have been discovering some very important things lately. I have determined, for myself, what is ok and what is not ok, when it comes to an artist's "voice". By voice, I mean their "style", their "look", their "thing". When you hear a friend on the phone, you recognize them for their unique voice I believe it is the same thing in art. Every artist has a voice, and as we become familiar with their work, we come to recognize their "voice" in the work they do.
There has been quite a bit of buzz in the online art community lately about an artist's work vs. their technique. For example, while you can obviously claim your artwork as your own, can you claim the technique it took to get there, as your own? If an artists publishes their technique, in a how to article, is the technique now "out there?" If they teach a class, is the technique fair game? And when does it go from a technique, to infringing on an artists personal "voice?"
I have just recently joined the ranks of marketing and selling my work. In this new forum, there are, obviously, far more "do's and don'ts" than just creating for myself. Are the pieces that I put out for sale uniquely my own "voice"? Well, I think I am still finding my own voice. So far, the only thing I notice that permeates almost all of my work is color. My undying and undeniable love for Golden's Quinacridone Crimson and Nickel Azo Gold. Sometimes together, sometimes alone, but always there.
After talking with an artist to get her views on technique and voice, her response has put this into perspective for me. My summary is this: If an artist works hard to create and develop their own "voice", then published technique or not, their work deserves to keep it's originality, and not compete in an over saturated market of copycat works. (I know the word copycat reeks of third grade tauntings, but it is the word that keeps coming to mind.)
So as I continue to search for my own personal style, I hope you will join me, and maybe be there when my "voice" sings, and is recognized for the first time.

I pledge to be: An Artist For Respect

Follow this link to the Artists For Respect website and read about what this community is all about.  Then spread the word, add the button on YOUR blog, tell YOUR friends, and then tell those you know that are not showing other artists respect, (by sharing class materials, teaching a class, that they just took, to others claiming it as their own) to knock it off.
Come on people, we know what's right and wrong.  If you honestly don't....ask someone, they'll tell you. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Candles and Stars

This set was inspired by Dr. Buddy Bell, who gave a lecture on how God uses candles and stars to light His world.  I was so inspired by hearing it, that I created these to reflect that.

They showed (and sold) Friday night, and I couldn't be happier with where they are going!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Whirlwind Month and the BEST NIGHT EVER!!

Ok, so the last month has been  CRA-ZY!! ( said in my best high pitched theatrical voice) Seriously!! Work is ridiculously busy, we are getting settled in a new Church, and I have been painting like mad for an art show.

Well that show happened on Friday, and I am still in awe over the entire night.  It was amazing.  I had so much love and support from friends and family, it was overwhelming!!

The shop that hosted the Claremont First Firday Artwalk was Hair Stream, and hosted by the awesome Cherie and Jenna!! They did so much for me, promoted, arranged, cleaned, took charge of the red dots! :) it was a blast.
The theme of the show was "Caged". and it was all about what cages us, what we keep caged, and what we SHOULD keep caged.  I had 20 originals to show, plus loads of prints.  We served mom's home made cookies, a cheese tray from the Cheese Cave, and chai tea, and it was lovely!!
As folks wandered through, talking, laughing, looking....it was just a huge reminder that God takes care of me.  He gave me this creativity, the inspiration, and He blessed me with people in my life that love and support me.
My friend Annie, came by and gave me a beautiful necklace, a cage!! It is amazing and I have worn it every day  since!!

My son invited his art teacher from school.  Took a postcard with him Friday to school, and gave it to her.  And then he waited for awhile....but he had to go home before she got there. 

But again, God blesses.....Hubby took him to get ice cream afterwards......guess who they ran into?? Yep...his art teacher.  He was giddy!!!

So out of 20 originals.....15 sold, (insert big cheesy grin here!!)

I can't even explain the feelings.  I cried all the way home, just feeling so blessed and humbled.
Best Night Ever!!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

No Compromises

Lately I have been unable to get out of working in my journal.  I have been so inspired lately, that I just don't want to ever come out of it.  And that's a good thing.  I believe it is my arts first love, so it would make sense that I am happiest there.
But here's the thing: journal art does not translate well to art shows.  Yeah, I can make prints of pages, but it's not the same.  You gotta have something to hang on the walls, plain and simple. Last week I was invited to participate in Claremont's First Friday Artwalk, to be the March artist. I am very excited and I am honored to have been asked by Cherie Savoie and Jenna Guzman of Hair Stream Claremont to be a part of the event. So I start looking around the studio, and guess what: I have very few new pieces that are hangable art. So lets get busy!!

I have been in this position before, with a show I did a couple years ago in Phoenix, and let me tell you what I remember most about that time: I remember the battle I had within myself.  What I mean by that is this: do I make art that will show who I am and what I love, or will I make art that will be sure to conform and not offend?  Now, I am not talking about something edgy or offensive, I am talking about the thoughts that run through my mind like "Ohh don't make that too religious, people won't buy it" or "do you really want to use that picture or that wording....it's pretty "Christian".    And sometimes it comes at me with "do you really want to do that...you might have to explain yourself or actually take a stand for what you believe in." 
So I stayed true and made art I was proud of, and it all worked out.  But now, two years later, that same old voice is back in my head.  But you know what? I'm not having it this time.  I know who I am, I know who I am in Christ and a little something I learned last night:  While you are pursuing your dreams.....don't forget to pursue the Dream Giver.  HE has made this possible, and HE is who I will honor.  Not the world, not art sales and not compromise.
So the show is titled "Caged".  It will ask the question: Are we "caged" by the world, or "surrounded" by Him.  You decide.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Definition of..................

Art is defined as :" The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form, such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power"

"Art is"  24"x24" mixed media on wood
First of all, I know that my skill and imagination does not come from me. Meaning, my "human creative skill" is not human at all, and my imagination can only grow as big as the cage that contains it. The cage is the world, the doubt, the self awareness, that sometimes, isn't very aware, and the rest of the crap that gets in the way.
When I pray for inspiration, and God shows me exactly what I've asked for, it's my job to remove all that human-ness that keeps it from being what He would have it be.  That is Art......to me.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Inspiration...Where does it come from? God, of course!

I go through  periods of time, where it seems like everything I do creatively, is work.  I mean, like hard work.  I struggle to pull everything out, from wherever it is, and to make it good.  Those times are rough.  Those are the times when staring at the tv seems like all I can do.  Those are the times when I look for anything else to do, so I don't have to think about what I am NOT doing.... ....creatively, that is. 
Thankfully, those times are not usually long lasting.  And when all else seems to fail to inspire....I go to music.
Music, for me, is a deep part of who I am.  I can't go a day, an hour, sometimes even a minute without music somewhere in my background.  All kinds of music...rock, country, hip hop, alternative, and worship especially.  Wherever I seem to be, at any point in my life, there is a soundtrack.  And the soundtrack of my life inspires!
At this point, I am soaking up the worship music.  Everyday, all the time, every chance I get, right now even...this is the soundtrack of my life.  There is something that happens to me when I am in worship and the music is really touching me.  I mean deeply. 
And right now, it happens to be a wonderfully annointed leader named Richard Andrew.  Please check out his music here, it's amazing.  Sometimes it's even overwhelming.  What I mean by that is, sometimes I can't even process the overwhelming feeling of entering into the presence of God, it's so powerful.  And God has truly annointed Richard to be able to take us, in worship, to the place of the Most High. 
So there I was, sitting in the front row at The Rivers Edge (local peeps, check it out...awesome) minding my own business, and worship started, and it was 36 minutes of overwhelming.  Really!
So back to the inspiration.  We worshipped to a song that reached my heart, and all day yesterday, I had a vision in my head about where I wanted to go with it.  I wanted to do a journal page, but I did not yet have the images put together how I wanted it.  So that started a whole process.
First I had to create the original image, which I did, using the image of a tree that I had drawn for another piece a few years back.  I printed the tree, did a gel medium transfer onto watercolor paper to get the image directly on the paper (without having to draw it again) and some background color.  I then added some details and scanned it into photoshop.  I wanted parts of the journal page in black and white, so I added layers and textures so I could make the water a monochrome image.  I then adjusted color and added the dove image and printed.  Now I had images to use in my journal, so I took bits and pieces, added charcoal and oil pastel and gesso.  (These journal instructions are part of Pam Carrikers Strathmore journal class I am taking. I needed some prompts to get working, and this class has been just the ticket. click the link to sign up...it's free!!)
So, at the end of a long, inspired process, not only do I have what I wanted for my journal, I have three separate pieces, very different, inspired by the same worship song. So one more time, I thank God, as He never ceases to amaze me, and never stops inspiring!!
"You'll find me there, singing hymns of praise.  Under the shade of a tree, down by the rivers edge.  Where His people gather and sing, unto the Lamb"........richard andrew