Sunday, March 17, 2013

Almost Spring

Well it seems to be almost Spring around here.  Days that vary from 90 degrees, to cold and foggy.  Mother nature can't make up her mind and neither can I.
I am now into my 9th week with this cast on, and it seems hard to believe that I broke my leg 3 weeks after Christmas.  And here we are on St. Patrick's Day and still, I limp along.  so frustrating and humbling and annoying and...and...and.... whatever!!
The second cast! Doc put it on for another 4.5 weeks!! Ugh!!
I am trying not to focus on the cast, the lack of exercise, the itching, the leg hair, the disgusting condition of my foot or the weight gain.  No really!!! Well, maybe!  So lets focus on the good!!!

My booth at Art in the Alley, Augie's Coffee House, Redlands
Had an amazing day at Art in the Alley 2 weeks ago.  Downtown Redlands has a very cool vibe, and the people, the artists, the music, the poets, the EVERYTHING was so cool!! I sold 7 originals, and some photos and prints as well.  Hubby and I had a great time, and tons of friends came by to see me!! It was awesome!!
The happiness of the day, shows on my face!

Met some AMAZING people, new friends!! Here are some of them with their purchases!  Art I love, going home with awesome people!!!
Vanessa, Sylvia, Carrie and Rachel
I have also been mad journaling, thanks to the new Gelli Plate, that makes for amazing backgrounds.  You can find out more about that HERE.  I have been making backgrounds on deli paper and then pasting down in my journal.  Loving the look!!!

And I finally got the advanced copy of the new Art Journaling magazine, that I wrote an article for.  Six pages of fun!! The article is titled: "Praying in Color", and it came out beautiful!!!
Title page of the article
The issue should be on news stands April 1.  Get your copy!! This issue is jam packed with some amazing artists!! I am humbled in their company!!!