Monday, March 19, 2012

What the.............................wait, huh?????

Ahhhh fellow blog readers, it's me again.  Your "not so" constant blogger, the one who only blogs once a month(or less) and then feels like such a slacker.  But hey, I'm gonna do better....honest, I mean, ...wait...huh?? No I won't! Let's face it ,we all know I'll be right back here 2 months from now saying the same thing!!

Anyways, big goings on over here!! Well, big in my world anyway!! So this is what's happening:

1). I spent a week in Ft. Lauderdale FL, at a Creative Worship Intensive with Ray Hughes and Brian and Ramey Whalen.  UH-maze-ing!!!! I can't even begin to tell you of the appointment and the anointing that went on at this conference.  Being an artist for the Kingdom of God has never been more real or more urgent to me!! Artists and worshippers are rising up and doing what God is calling to do!! Then we came back, and at our first Girls Night, out we danced, we praised, we painted, we worshipped with Flags and instruments and it WAS BEAUTIFUL!!! I thank God for letting me see the vision He put in me last year!!!!! And it is only going to grow from Here! I love my Rivers Edge Church Family!!!
   Here is Diana adding to the collaborative!!

2).. Hawaii in June- Now this seems amazing right?  Well, it is!! However, one going to Hawaii would need a bathing suit.  Now.. said bathing suit is currently a smashing number involving a tankini and a skirt.  Well, guess what??  I AIN'T HAVING IT LIKE THAT ANYMORE!!!! Which now means, I gotta get off my lazy butt and change some things.  So this was the plan:  6 weeks ago I went back on Weight Watchers and started the  BodyByVi 90 day challenge.  You can check that out here. So far so good!!! 10 pounds gone a 4 inches too!!! Yup :)

3) Art show in April.  Not just any time in April, but the opening happens to be Good Friday.  Not realizing the date when I agreed to be Heirloom Claremont's April Artist, I figured it will all work out!!  here is the postcard for the show:
The title of the Show is Praises Rise, and I will be doing a body of work that reflects the ways we GET our praises to rise.  Here is a tiny sneak peek!!

Just a little :)

4) Ireland in September.  Now remember ^up there when I talked about Ray Hughes and Brian and Ramey Whalen?? They are an amazing family of worshippers, storytellers, historians, and all around cool, Jesus loving, folks.  So they are organizing a trip to Ireland called the "Worship and Wonder Tour. We're talking all the way around the country, seeing God's beauty and praising Him in every form, along the way.  Sloan travel is heading it up.  Check them out!!
So needless to say, it has been a busy few months, and I cannot wait to see where God takes me next!!!