Thursday, July 23, 2009

So Un-inspired

What the.......??? It seems like forever since I have found the inspiration, the muse, the desire to create!! Why does that happen to me? I can spend hours cruising through blogs and magazines and see some amazing eye candy, and yet, nothing seems to give my soul the push it needs to get going. I haven't journaled (anything worthwhile) in a month! Argghhhh!!

So what do I do, when I can't think of anything to do?? I follow direction. Tutorials, magazine techniques, DIY network, whatever....I fele half alive when I am not creating, so I got to go make SOMETHING!!

So for now, I am off to try DJ Pettit's "Let's Face it" in the latest Somerset Studio magazine. Here is a little something I did, oh I can't even remember when. Titled "Saint Hearted"

12" x 21" mixed media on watercolor paper