Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day May Day!!!

Cannot believe it is May 1st already.  I'm like...seriously....what the heck?? I can't keep up!! So much going on, so many good things/hard things/fun things all happening around me.  So let me show you what I've been up to lately.

Since the Claremont Artwalk last month, we did our Easter Outreach with Onelite. It was amazing. We had booths, food, haircuts, the Easter bunny, rap artists, new shoes, bouncers and Easter baskets. This is an annual event done for the community, and it was such a blessing
New Shoes!!
Saying Yes!!!!
The next weekend was my first Art Journal class at my church. What a blast!! I had about 20 people, and we made our own journal, and then cut loose with paint and paper and glue, and it was so much fun!!!

We had some amazing artist shine through that did not know they were artists!!! I was so blessed!!!

The next weekend it was Linda and I off to see Third Day and Matt Maher in concert, Friday night.  Always a favorite, this band rocks.  We had so much fun!!!

The next day proved a first for me.  I shot my first official "photographer" event.  It was a Sweet Seventeen Party for some friends from church, who I love dearly, so I figured, why not.  Note to self: Event photography is not your gig, deal with it. But I had a blast and Sami was beautiful.  Here are a couple of my favs!

The next weekend was my hubbys birthday and we celebrated with friends at HipKitty Jazz and Fondue.  Yummy!!! Everyone had a blast, and it was a great evening!!!

We had so much fun!! So what If I went overboard on WW points!! LOL, boy did I!! It was worth it! 
I finished 2 pieces of artwork this month that went to 2 very special people!! I can only post one, because the second one has not been delivered yet!! I can't wait.  Here is one I did for my friend Nichole.  I heart her!!

So it has been a crazy crazy April!!! Next up: Hopefully a not so crazy May!!

P.S. Blogger's new format almost has me in tears, it's so frustrating!! That's why only the first two pics are capitioned, because everytime I try, it messes up the format.  Sigh......