Wednesday, September 23, 2009

One Photo Left

Came home yesterday to spy a little something on my counter. As I got closer, I could see that it was a magazine. Ok, now just for the record, I had just come form the bookstore, looking for this particular magazine. Knowing it would not "officially" be in stores until October 1. I don't know what I was thinking. So once I realized that this was, indeed, an advance copy of the magazine, and artists that are being published get them, I swept everything else off the counter, and proceeded to rip off the plastic covering the mag. Oh so excited!!! I had sent three pieces in for publication last November to Somerset Memories. It was "maybe" going to be published in the June/July issue, but in May, the issue went to twice yearly publication. So I waited, knowing the edition would resurface, bigger and better, in October. And boy was I surprised!!!
I did two of the three in Misty Mawn's class last year at Asilomar, and they are among my favorites EVER! The third was made to bring it to a set, and I was very happy with the results.
The set was made using the only school picture I have of my father, (not the ONLY picture,as the story reads, just the only SCHOOL picture). I used 3 different transfer techniques, and different copies. I love this set and I am so honored, and feel God deserves the glory, for instilling in me this desire to create

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Just how far...............

One of my favorite songs is from Casting Crowns, East to West. It speaks of feeling those human emotions that tell us we are just one mistake away from God leaving us, I mean, really who could love ME that much?? I love how it talks about not being able to bear ,having the person I used to be, come rising up in me again, and about where we find rest: in the arms of His mercy.
I can remember being a new Christian, and I couldn't understand what "a season" was, and nobody could tell me. Was it a week, a month a year?? I could not grasp the concept . I get it now. Another thing I didn't totally understand, was His forgiveness. Really??? Forever?? Never to be brought up again, like completely forgotten? Wow! That's awesome. Ok, but wait....that means I can just keep doing whatever, and as long as I ask forgiveness, I'm cool, right?? Well, I learned NO on that one, right before I was told to look up the scripture about not doing exactly that.So the concept if this song: That forgiveness truly is as far as the east is from the west. From one scarred hand to the other! That's how big His grace is for me> Good thing!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Studio 13: Cries of an angel

My Studio 13: Cries of an angel

The Thoughts in my Head

So what's going on? Well there are some things in the hopper, that are going to be coming to fruition in a couple of months. Trying to keep it on the downlow, but let me just say that I am very excited about it!!
I am getting as many charcoals done as I can for the festival in November. I have done a couple special order pieces that I am not showing here, (shhhhhhh!!), but soon.
My boy just signed up for Cub Scouts, and he is so excited. Dad will be helping out as Den Leader, so I see some fun camping trips in my future. I can't wait to get a picture of Connor in his little uniform!!
Jenny Craig is finally starting to pay off. I am into my 6th week, and was not losing the weight I had hoped for. I mean, come on, 1200 calories a day, no cheating, and lose half a pound?? Ugh, whatever!! So I switched up a couple of things and this last week was a good one. Lost a total of 8 pounds and 5 inches so far, so I am really motivated about that. I have been doing little workouts on the Wii Fit, and I like the exercises alot!!
I have been working alot in my journal, and it is as healing and deep as ever. I love to just lose myself and spend the time, and create. I took my journal to the beach on Saturday, and it was such a beautiful day. I spent a little time on it, while watching Connor and Glenn boogie boarding. He did such a great job for his first time, and he loved it!!
Well I am off to bed, gonna try and have dinner with my girl, Linda tomorrow, we haven't hung out in awhile!
(sorry the pics are so small, but they were IPhone pics, uploaded to mobile Facebook, and I lost the originals when I had to get my phone replaced saturday night)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Let Your Art Work For You This Christmas!!

Let your ART work for YOU this Christmas
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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

These are a few.....of my favorite people!!

I have my favorite things in life. My favorite shoes, my favorite art supplies, my favorite magazines, and people in my life that are truly special. Our Youth Pastors are a couple of those favorite people, that make me smile no matter what. They have been at my church as long as I have been there, and I have seen them pour out their lives into the lives of the youth that attend that church. He brings it when he preaches, and to hear her sing worship is a blessing. For REALS!!! (This picture was a card I made for her....a songbird)
They were recently asked to step down (boo!!), and after waiting on the Lord for direction, feel that moving back home to Maryland, is His plan for them.
They are a young couple, with a two year old, and working in ministry is not exactly big money. They recently went to ship their stuff home, and after a horrendous ordeal trying to get that done, they found that the shipping container was too small, and they needed another one, plus storage, to get all their belongings home. We want to help!!
Along with another couple, (The Headless Family5) we are looking to help them pay for another shipment container back home. The container will cost $1,300.00 to ship from California to Maryland, and storage for a month until they get settled and get a place.
If you can help, in any way, please let me know. I have a Paypal account (click button below), or you can email me with info.
This family has been such a blessing to countless kids, and to my family as well, and we would appreciate anything you can do! Every penny will go directly to them, and we can help send them out, to continue to pour into kids' lives and bless those that meet them!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Grandpa's Box

The subject line read: "Grandpa's box" It was in reference to a care package my mom and I had sent to grandpa that had not been delivered to him yet. In emails, making plans for a swift visit, not knowing when things would change. But seeing that line several times during the back and forth, it occured to me, that I have my own Grandpa's Box. In it are memories of long drives, trips to the beach, just him and I. Styrofoam boogie boards, bought on the way to the beach...Everytime!! As everytime, they would break, with that one big wave, that would crash me to the ocean floor. He would stand up, looking for me in the surf, waiting for me to wave my "I'm ok" wave.
Classical music on the stereo console, always classical music. I am not sure if that his his taste or hers, but it was always there. Crossword puzzles in the leather recliner, with a dog (or two) always in his lap, while I pored over "Foxfire" books and asked endless streams of questions. A soft answer, always a soft answer.
Trips to his work, wearing one of his "CAT" hats, and always proud, when I would see one of those big machines, that "my grandpa works there"
Lost, then found. Safe again. As through the years we both struggled, each in our own city, each in our own darkness. Always a special place in my heart, always a favorite, always a joy of memories. Always good, in Grandpa's box.