Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Journey Home or #thejourneyhomealbum

April of last year. 18 months ago..... that is when it started for us.  When at BJ's for dinner, we hopped on board with a project we knew nothing about....only that we KNEW God was telling us.."Get on board"
And this Saturday was the culmination of a lot of: prayers, tears, laughs, doubleshots, harmonies, lyrics, paint, photos, rehearsals, dinners and laughs.  So blessed to be a part of #thejourneyhomealbum.

Richard Andrew has written a collection of songs that will stir your soul, soften your heart, deal with your pain, and welcome you home.  I cannot encourage you enough to get this cd.  The first single is available on Indieheaven here, and on Itunes soon.  If you want it now, it's 15 bucks....just let me know.  You can send me Paypal and I'll ship it out to you.  Yes, it's that good, and that life changing, I guarantee it.
Album cover  "the Journey Home"
The cover art for this cd is my work.  And it was not done specifically for this cd.  Well, it was, only I didn't know it at the time.  You see, at the same time I was painting this.....Richard was writing this, and it wasn't until about a week later, when he asked me a question, that I said :"Hmmmm funny, I just finished a painting that speaks of this exact thing.  And that is how it happened.
My friend Heidi and I at the party

Richard introducing the artwork
The CD release party, also, just happened to fall on my birthday.  It was amazing! (As I thanked everyone who showed up, for coming to my birthday party..LOL) It was just a beautiful evening.  The opening acts of Gia Lucid   and  Michael Bunuan  were instrumental in ushering in the spirit that fell on the evening.  Technically, it was a breeze, so smooth, and by the time Richard hit the stage to play all the songs off the new CD, there was such a sweet presence in the room, that it was a beautiful place to be.
Kristi, Jay and I in the booth.  I brought the original artwork to display.

Me, Richard and Kristi <3 td="td">
And I got to hang out with tons of my favorite people all night long!!! Just a great evening and I have been, and continue to be, so blessed by being a part of the whole process.
Back cover artwork