Saturday, July 31, 2010

Living Art

Sometimes there are days  weeks when I can't seem to get motivated. (See a previous post here).  I have learned to just kind of go with it when that happens.  I went for awhile without doing a whole lot of art, but I put some ideas  together, made some gifts, took a class, wrote an article for a future publication.  So it wasn't like I was just laying around the WHOLE time. No really!!
Then there are ideas that come into my head, that will not be ignored.  It could be a huge project idea, or as simple as a journal page quote.  I have learned to write these down when I can, and when the muse allows, I sit down to see what happens.

This piece is one of those simple ideas that came out exactly how I pictured it in my head.  I had seen a billboard that had huge lettering, and within one of the letters, was a partial photo of a person.  I had been working on some things that required me to use pieces of old work, so I thought, why not do a larger piece using one word, and fill it in with nothing but bits of older collages.
Well right away, I love the word ART..(duh!) I mean, I know I love art, but I like the way the word itself looks in big block capital letters. I printed out the letters and then went back through scanned work and printed out bits and pieces of older stuff.  (I even snuck in a picture of yours truly!)  I like it.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Somerset Art Journaling "Published" button

Just got a cool email from Somerset Art Journaling, with an html button to put on my blog. This button take the reader to their site, to purchase the magazine. If you are having a hard time finding this at the bookstore, and you want to see the amazing eye candy (not just mine :) Then check it out!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

The one where Carrie can't get off the couch to do anything.

I love the show "Friends".  I could probably watch repeats every day of my life and still laugh.  I especially like the descriptions in the guide, because they always start out with "The one where...."  I love this, because when I am talking to someone, explaining some funny episode, the way I say it is.."You know, the one where............" So I love that the writers of that show do the same thing.
Ok, I don't know where all that came from, except to say this: This is the episode of MY LIFE where I can't get off the couch to do anything.  Save for a few journal pages here and there and an article I wrote, I have literally done nothing artistic.
I have read some good books, went on a couple mini vacations (or long weekends, if you will) and hung out with friends, but nothing much more than that, in the art department.
I need motivation people!!
I have some really cool things I am involved in, with some amazing artists, and I am excited about them.  So why then, can I not get moving?
Maybe it's the ridiculous heat.  Maybe it's my ridulous laziness.   (I am going to put my money on the latter).  Anyway, here are a couple journal pages I did last week, talking about the cool weekend with my family in Havasu. I am going to get busy on more. Or maybe just a little nap first.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I fixed it!!!!

Ok, after much frustration, a whole lot of head scratching, and the overwhelming desire to lay my head on my desk and cry....I fixed my blog!! Yay!  Who knew that it was one previous blog post, that had different formating, that would not allow the new design changes to take place.
Wow, I am so happy right now!!  Anyway, here is another donkey pictures to look at.  This was taken with the Hipstamatic app on the IPhone.  We see donkeys all the time along the dirt road that takes us to the Lake house, but they usually don't hang around once we stop the car and get out.  This momma let us get close, but you could tell, she would have no problem coming after us if we got too close.  Glenn tossed them a couple of apples, and the little one went to town!

Heck of A time

So I got this bright idea yesterday to to mess around with my blog. You see Blogspot had this "new" button up top that said DESIGN your blog or something. I got sucked in, made some changes without saving the old template, and now I can't get my sidebars to show up. SO frustrating!!!!
Anyway, this is a random test post to see if the changes I made worked. This is a picture of some donkeys we stopped to feed on the way to the lakehouse last weekend. It was a momma and her baby, and they loved the apples!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Shakin' Things up

Ok, so right off the bat, you may have noticed the super bright colors of my new blog theme! Yeah, I know it's loud, but I am kinda feeling it! So we're just going to roll with it, k?
Pam Carriker! Her work is always inspiring!!
There I was again, taking self portraits in front of the magazine rack!! I swear, the peeps at Barnes and Noble must think I'm crazy.
I've got the magazines arranged just right so you can see the cover, behind me, while I am posing with the book flipped open to my article. Comedy, I tell you!! But, it never gets old. It is just as exciting as it was the first few times.
So the article was one on "Journaling within borders". Since I love to frame my journal pages, it was a good theme for me.
It is alot harder to write, though, when I did not have the specific journal in front of me, or know which pages they chose. But after seeing the final outcome, I think it is a good fit.
I love Stampington publications. Their work is just beautiful. And I love that they make my work look beautiful too! Thanks Somerset!!