Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Win a Free Handbag

Anyone wanna win free stuff? I know, I am all ABOUT the free stuff. So if anyone is interested in winning any of these cute handbags,( or 20 others they are giving away for free), go here!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

65 Million Years ago..........

We took my son to go see "Walking With The Dinosaurs" yesterday in L.A. OMGosh, was it an amazing experience. This show has been travelling all over the world, and it was spectacular!! I think this weekend was the last leg of the tour, but if you want to check it out online, go here. We weren't too sure if it would freak my boy out or not, (he's 6), but once it started, he was in awe. As were we!!! We are so glad we went. Check out this video. Watch the lower corner of the screen, and see how big this T-Rex was compared to the little host guy.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

What if.......

What if after all this time, I still don't get it right? You know, all the things I think I know how to do....what if I have it all wrong? What if I don't know how to be a wife, a mother, a friend, an artist, a businesswoman, a Christian. And if I don't know for sure, what I do is right, how will I know if I am doing it wrong? Do I pray right, love right, nurture right, paint right, comfort right? I feel, sometimes, that I stumble through, waiting in the sidelines for the judges to give me my scores. Did I pass?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Random Funky Journal Pages

These are a few journal pages I did while on vacation. You can see in one of the pages I wrote about trying to outrun Hurricane Fay. We left Haiti the day before she showed up, but still caught the front edge of the storm. It was some crazy weather all the way back to Miami.

Did I dream this??

Ok, this is a little collage I did over a year ago and just found in one of my very first journals. It still makes me laugh. I know the whole party hat and wings thing is probably getting played out by now. However, I still love it and I especially love it on babies. I don't know what it is, it just cracks me up!
The page was covered in gesso and then acrylic paint. I used a couple of script stamps and collaged some sheet music and a nib pen. A cool picture frame stamp, that I have no idea where it even came from, just kind of showed up in my box of stamps one day, frames the baby's face. The wings and hat were cut from a magazine and then painted using acrylic paints and a credit card to spread the paint. Love it, love it.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Handmade Journals

Here are two more of the handmade journals that I made earlier. The first one I called "in verita" which is Italian for "In Truth". It has a handpainted front and back cover and two Italian themed copies of my artwork on the inside covers.

The second is using a copy of a piece entitled "Surrounding Wings" with handpainted, inside and back covers. This is one of my favorite finished pieces and the original is for sale in my Etsy shop.

Chad & Stephanie

So I mentioned in the last post that we were up in Spokane last month for Glenn's oldest son's wedding. OMGosh, what an amazing event. Everything was beautiful, the bride, the setting, the decorations, the ceremony. The kids did such a great job with everything. So here is a picture of the New Mr. & Mrs. Todd. We are so happy for them!
Aren't they gorgeous?

Forever Ago

So it seems like forever ago that I blogged. Oh wait........it was! After a weeks vacation, My step-son's wedding in Spokane, back to work full time, and a flu that kicked my butt...........I am back!

So what have I done in the last month, creatively???? Well.............not a whole lot of new stuff, but I did get some stuff together for submission to several different publications. Fingers and toes crossed please!!! There is a bunch more work to put those submissions together than I thought. Or maybe it was because I was doing more than one....whatever.....it was a lot of work. Not to mention that I really wanted to do something special to get noticed at Somerset, so I spent a day turning the box I mailed my artwork in, into a little bit of art itself. Fun! Now, will this really make a difference? Who knows. But if I was the person in the mailroom down there in Laguna Hills, I know I would like to see something a little different get dropped by the UPS guy once in awhile.
I also did another in the series I have been doing with the one school photo I have of my dad. This series was submitted to another publication, so I will only show a small piece of it here. ( don't wanna jinx it, if you know what I mean) I used one of the backgrounds I made up at Asilomar, with Misty Mawn, and it worked beautifully

I also signed up to take a few classes at the Pasadena Learning and Product Expo next month, so I am excited about that. They are also have a juried exhibit running for the weekend, so I submitted a couple of pieces for that too. One is a piece I have for sale at MMCA Marketplace (see sidebar link) called "Greetings" and this one, that I have framed over my fireplace, because it is a favorite, and I do not want to part with it. It is called "Fragile Beauty"
So that is what I have been up to in the last month. Hope all is well with all of you!!