Friday, January 20, 2012

Things I am loving right now, and the thing I am not

So while I am having such a hard time right now focusing on what I need to do for me..(or just being lazy thoughtful about it....whatever) I am finding myself going from thing to thing to keep me entertained and out of my own head.  So these are the things that are distracting me right now.  Now, not all of them are fact, a few of them (or more than a few) are really, really good; as it would have to be, in order to keep my attention.  So here are some photos, some art, some tags and some music.  And if you are still interested, I will tell you what is swarming around in my brain everywakingthought  lately...
obsessed with self portraits right now, and telling myself what I need to do

and altering them, and making them into something else

and metal embossing on crosses

and Pinterest- 2nd greatest time suck of all time (right now)

and Aurasma-a cool new bit of technology.  Google it, seriously

and journaling-seriously I have 4 going right now!

But like I said, not all bad.  This is the worship that I can't get enough of. Jonathan David Helser is wrecking me right now. And that's a good thing.

Like I said....wrecked!!!!

and Facebook- 'nuff said

and I don't even know what to say about this-I have never even liked football

So what may you ask, has me all a'bother?  Well, lets just say this:   I know what to do, I know how to work through it and I am trying to the best of my ability...right now.  Not looking for anyone to fix it, I can do that.  Just wanted to get it out of my head and release the power it has on me. 

that's it :)

and seriously, if PIPA and SOPA jack me for using the FB or Pinterest logo, I'm gonna be pissed!