Monday, April 16, 2012


So I spent some time in Florida at the end of February, with Ray Hughes and Brian and Ramey Whalen for a creative worship intensive.  I went with one of my pastors and our worship pastor, and it was life changing!!
"Halal" to celebrate, to dance, to act clamourously foolish before the Lord
The whole week was teachings that showed us how to go deeper in worship, how God CREATED us to be creative, and how we should be tapping into that truth!! One of my most favorite teachings, was done by Ramey, and it was on the 7 Hebrew words for praise.
"Zamar"- To touch the strings
Now I have heard of these words, "tehillah",  most notably, but I did not know what they meant, really, or how to go about actually incorporating them into my worship.  All that changed with this teaching.  Not only did we study the words, but we actually did them all during worship.  It was beautiful!!
"Tehillah" the new song, to chant melodiously
Once I got home, on the 2nd of March, I was asked to participate in my local downtown 'First Friday" artwalk for the month of April.  I agreed, having only 2 pieces that I could actually show, that were newer and had not been shown before.  This meant I had to get busy!!
"Barak" to bow before the Lord
I went for a massage the next day, and as I prepared myself to relax, I asked God to please show me what He would have me paint for this show.  And boy did He.
"Yadah" to praise with lifted hands
Now the shop that invited me is not a Christian shop, so to speak.  So Going all out on a body of work that was definitely faith based, was a step out...well, in faith~~
"Todah" to praise with hands extended in thanks or expectation
God showed me that He wanted a single image, along with the Hebrew word, that would depict each word for praise.  This is the result of the collaboration!
"Shabach" to shout, to celebrate Him
 The show opened April 6th, and it was an amazing night!! I sold 5 originals, and a large selection of older journal page prints.  The cheese from Cheese Cave was fabulous, and the friends and family that came out to support me were priceless!!. If nothing at all sold, I would have been just as pleased! Thanks Lord for always leading me!!