Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What is Worship.....to me?

When I think about worship, I usually think about music. Music that reaches into my soul and my spirit and brings me to my knees. It's a time spent praising God and feeling like he is giving me a small glimpse into the love He has for me.

But what does it mean to Him?  In service the last few weeks, I have been hearing some amazing things.  Like, God likes it when I like to worship Him.  It's not meant to be a "duty", it is meant to be a "delight".

Also, worship costs. Back in the Old Testament, people had to spend time and effort to prepare their worship offering. There was a whole list of things that were required, in order for the offering to be acceptable.
So what am I bringing to God that truly shows my effort and my love for Him?  I know that I love Him, and that I want to spend time in His presence, but does that always mean grinding flour and picking out the perfect lamb?
Yes...it does...but in my own way.  My creativity is God given, and I believe that God likes it when I use what He has given me, to show my love.  When I spend hours working in my journal, painting, gluing, cutting, lettering, a page that shows my prayers, my praises, and my worship, I believe this honors God
There is nothing I am enjoying more these days than blasting the worship music, sitting down at my desk, and worshipping my Lord.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Blog about a blog!

So the new issue of Artful Blogging magazine is in stores now. Or SOME stores I should say, because it seems as though my local Barnes&Noble, has problems actually putting the magazines on shelves, the date they are supposed to be out. One more than one occasion, I have asked them to look in the stockroom, (a week past the issue date) only to find the box has been sitting there, unopened, for who knows how long.

So anyway, I will be checking again today.  This is the first article I have written, that has a personal element to it.  The others have been all technique, so this one is special.  It talks of struggle, of heartbreak, of acceptance and connection.  All surrounded by some of my favorite artwork.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Journalfest 2010

Where do I even begin with Journalfest?  I have wanted to go for awhile now, and I even looked at going to Artfest, but it just seemed really overwhelming to me.  Journalfest seemed smaller, the choices not as varied. Plus the whole retreat was called "JOURNALFEST", and since that is my gig, I figured these would be my people, my village, folks who understand the need to sit for hours writing and journaling in a book, without ever saying a word.  They would GET me!!!....these conditions seemed perfect.

 And perfect they were!! Journalfest was such an amazing experience. From the location: Ft. Worden in Port Townsend, WA; the activities: bonfire, journal party, vendor fair and masquerade ball; my classes: Ingrid Dijikers Humanis journal, Dan Essig Appalachian Ethiopian journal, and Lisa Cheney Jorgensen "Learning to See" sketch and watercolor!! All were amazing, all were exactly what I thought they would be, and all fed a little piece of me. The food was great, the company better, and out Hosts, Teesha and Tracy Moore, (and crew) went above and beyond!

 I will definitely be back next year....no question!!

I did spend every minute that I was not either in class, eating or sleeping: taking pictures. The grounds are beautiful, and I really enjoyed exploring through the lens of my camera.

My favorite class was the sketch class.  Lisa was amazing, and she gave me an incredible gift.  With the  amount of confidence she gave me in sketching a blank page, I can now journal without having to make sure I have pages prepped at all times.  Plus, I have signed up for the Sketchbook project, and I have started to actually sketch in that book.
Attached are the best of the photos I took, and my favorite journal pages. 
Goodbye Journalfest, I will miss you.  But I will see you again next year