Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Psalm 139: Such an amazing song of praise. I love how it talks about being knit together in the womb, and being fearfully and wonderfully made. This piece speaks of that. The background being rough and messy, with lumps and spills and things that don't match. Random textures and an image that might even be just a little bit scary. But this is how WE see ourselves. We see the mismatched, we see the awkward, we see things that our Father does not. Because, as the Universe's ultimate artist, We have got to know that He sees us just as he made us. Fearfully and wonderfully made.

Cosmic Crosses

This is a series of (3) "cosmic gelly" pieces that I have finished over the last week. Two of them are on 11"x14" plywood and one is on a 10"x10" gallery wrapped canvas. I finished the first 2 big ones, and hated how they came out. I thought they were too dark and random, and didn't have the same interesting shapes as ones I had done in the past. I don't know if I didn't use enough different colors, or what but I was not happy. Then I decided to start the process all over again with the cross. I taped off the cross shape, and kept the gel gloss inside, put some texture on it and let it dry. I then followed with the charcoal and acrylic paints.
I started the smaller canvas knowing it would be part of this cross series, so I had alot more detail. This one turned out to be sort of a calvary scene, with the crosses on either side and some random textures that looked like they could be people at the foot. I also had a hard time getting good pictures of these. Using the high gloss gel medium, every phot I took, inside or out, had alot of glare. These were the best images from 3 days of trying.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Be The Match! Save a life!

So between Blogger and Facebook and MySpace and Twitter, ( and many more I am sure) there has never been an easier way to get info out to people all over the world, with the click of a mouse.

I am going to use my blogger powers for good, and hope that this post can inspire some prayers, and maybe save a life.

My cousin and her family have been going through medical issues for awhile. Her husband has cancer and they tell him that he has exhausted his treatment efforts. So his choices are, let the cancer run it's course or have a bone marrow transplant. He will be meeting with doctors in a couple of weeks to go through the info on that option.

So I would ask that all of you out there in blogger/facebook/twitter/myspace ...blah blah blah, send your prayers to Rick!! Pray for healing, for the family, for the doctors and for a bone marrow match.

And if you are not a registered bone marrow donor, there are people all over the world waiting to be matched. Check out the link below, and give it some serious consideration. All it takes is a cheek swap to be registered!

Thanks all, and feel free to repost or retweet, or whatever sounds your networking program makes!!

Forever Ago!!

Wow, I just looked at my last blog post and saw that it was almost 6 weeks ago!! What a bad blogger I am. For some reason things have been crazy around here. I feel like I have done very little art lately, not counting going up to Asilomar for Art&Soul. It does seem as though my muse has seen fit to take a vacation. I did get a tiny bit of inspiration tonight so I am working on a couple of things right now. I am waiting for some gel medium to dry, so I thought I would pop on over here for a bit.
So my son turned 7 today!! What a great time we had at his party. 8 kids, counting him (and a couple of siblings), and it went pretty smooth. We now have every Lego Power Miner set there is!! My husband, however, was not there, as he was home sick with pneumonia!! That's right, pneumonia!!! He has been down all week, and after 2 trips to the ER, they finally took a chest x-ray, and voila!! Pneumonia!!!
So here is a pic of the birthday boy with his balloon hat, and a group shot with the bear. (at least I think it's a bear).