Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Muse has been busy

So I have had these backgrounds done for a couple of years. They were done in Misty Mawn's "The Journey Unfolds" class at Art and Soul, 2008. We made these great matboard substrates (sp?) and then spend three days doing backgrounds. Well, I did backgrounds, because it took me a little longer than most, to get in the groove. I did finish two pages, I think and the rest I just got the backgrounds finished.
So I've got all of these great backgrounds, and for the last couple of days I have been working on them. Some are an extension of the background, with just a few details added, and some I have changed completely. I took a few recent journal pages, and printed them on tranparancies, and then did gel medium transfers onto the matboard. After cleaning them up a bit with paint and pens, they came out a little edgy and a bit "darker" than the originals. I like them.


kecia said...

hi carrie! nice running into you as well! love the art you've got in this post; very funky and interesting - just how i like it!


Tibby said...

wow i love your work :)
very inspiring, great job :D