Friday, December 4, 2009

Elvis Lives......well on my blog anyway

Hi all, I know, I know, such a bad blogger. I haven't seemed to be able to get anything put together for you here. Oh well. Tis the season!. I did apply and was accepted to the PVAA, Pomona Valley Art Association, so I will have a venue to show some work, so I am very excited about that. I am trying to finish up a "winter" themed set to show next weekend at Second Saturday Artwalk, but I am having some logistical issues. By this I mean that I learned the hard way: when cutting plywood to specific sizes; you have to account for the width of the saw blade. Yeah, didn't really realize this until I got 4 pieces cut to 12" x24". The first three were indeed, 12" x24". The last one, not so much. And it happened to be the last one I chose (unknowingly) for a 2 piece set. It was all good until I tried to fit the not quite 12" side into the frame. Yeah, it's too small, so I have to have hubby make some last minute adjustments. So it may or may not make it to Pomona, we'll see.

I did, however finish Elvis. I did this on suggestion from the customer that bought Lucy. We'll see if she likes it enough to buy.

Have a great weekend everybody!!

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Mary said...

Carrie, Elvis is great! You are really very talented!!

And congrats on the Association acceptance !!