Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas came early to my house~~

What an amazing day I had!! I started out hanging out and shopping with one of my dearest friends, Jamie. We have had a standing Christmas shopping date, every year, for over the last 12 or 13 years. If we don't see each other all year, we still make time to spend a day shopping, eating and catching up. We talked non-stop for hours and hours, it was so much fun! She is having her first baby sometime Wednesday, and I am so happy for her!!

So after a wonderful day with my friend, I come home to find an advanced copy of Somerset Art Journaling magazine on my counter. I got word a few months ago that I would be published, and was so excited. I love all of Somerset's publications, but since the first issue of Art Journaling, I have dreamed of being included among the soul inspiring work I have seen within it's pages.

I however, had no idea that so much work would be included. I knew the general theme of the story, and I wrote the article based on the theme they gave me, but I was in for a surprise. Not only is my artwork on the cover, The article is 8 pages, and another two pages included in the Gallery section. I am in shock!! I give all the glory to God who inspires in art, as well as in life!
Here is the cover, and the Gallery section. There is another 8 page article titled "With the Eyes and the Heart: Artistic, Heartfelt Journaling" inside. Should be on shelves January 1, 2010!!


Headless Mom said...

Aaaaaack! Carrie, I am sooooooo thrilled for you! Whoot!

Mary said...

Conrats!! So cool! I love picking up these magazines and say, I know her!!! :)

Roberta said...

How wonderful!!! Congratulations!!

Single Stone Studios said...

WOW~ How fantastic and an obviously great choice on the part of Somerset!!

Ps - This is Shelley from Facebook. I'm so adding your blog to mine!