Monday, April 21, 2008

Practice Composition

"Practice Composition" Mixed Media 9" x 12"

These next 3 pieces are the first pages I have finished, that I started up at Asilomar. Misty Mawn, you are an amazing teacher. I am loving the techniques, and I am trying to paint a face a day, just like you said to. Practice, practice, practice. All of the titles and text on these pieces, have come from an antique textbook from 1883 entitled "New Language Lessons: An Elementary Grammar and Composition". I found this at vendor night at Asilomar, from Boulder Creek Antiques.


Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Jessica said...

Hey Carrie,
This is Jessica from the art and soul retreat. I love your new compositions, they are beautiful! I have a little challenge for you, can you sum your life up in six words? Its a game that I have been playing with some other bloggers; check out the rules here:
see you aroiund!