Sunday, April 20, 2008

Asilomar 2008

A deer that greeted me, the boardwalk and the sunset at Asilomar Beach

I got back into town on Friday from a week up north in Pacific Grove, CA. at Art and Soul. what an amazing trip it was. The grounds reminded me of summer camp, but the beach was right there too. It was fabulous. We had three really good beach weather days,and a few that were pretty cold. But the sun was always shining. I took a three day class with Misty Mawn titled "The Journey Continues" and it was so cool. She is the most amazing artist with some of the coolest techniques I have seen. I really enjoyed it and wished it could have been three more days. I will post pics of the project I did, but first here are some of the grounds and the beach.

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One Crabapple said...

oh hello ! I was at the retreat too. I just googled Art & Soul Asilomar to see if anyone had posted yet about the trip...and here You are !

It was a little chilly wasn't it ? I am down south too so ... anything under 70 is coat weather for me and I know the easterners that flew in were cracking up at my gloves and scarf (oh well)

It was beautiful , wasn't it ?

Looking forward to your Misty Class Work / Journal...bookmarking your site.