Saturday, April 5, 2008


This is another of the "Collaged Affirmations" from Kelly Rae Roberts' article in the latest Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine. I just really like how she lays these out, so simple!!! The text reads: "Do you have doubts? I do!" I seem to be questioning some things right now, and I am also getting ready to go to Asilomar to "Art and Soul" next weekend. I am driving up north, by myself, and going to be taking classes for a few days. While I am very excited, I have also never done anything like this alone, so kinda scary too! I am taking a 3 day journal class, and I am anxious to get started. I have been gathering supplies since Christmas, and I think I am ready!! Whoo hoo, Pebble Beach, here I come!! (as always, click on the picture for a closer look)


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Art by Dana said...

I love your affirmation paintings, they're not only amazing, but speak to you. Like always you inspire me to try new things. Thanks! Can't wait to hear about your art & soul retreat.

Pamela said...

Dear Carrie:

I really enjoyed your collage. I am new to the collage world. Did you personally draw this picture? It looks great , can you tell me the steps you made when you have time?