Friday, January 18, 2008

A Pair of...............????

So, after almost two weeks of my Muse doing her best to avoid me at all costs. I decided, if I was not going to have any inspiration, I would at least create. So, yep, you guessed it.......MORE WATERCOLORS!!!! Ok, Ok, I will get tired of it sooner or later, (probably not as fast as you guys!!hee hee) but I like that I can start and finish in just a few hours. Probably not from here on out though, because the lessons are looking PRETTY intimidating in that beginner book. Anyway, here is my study of pears. You know, "still life, bowl of fruit stuff." I like that it is a monochromatic scheme, though. Looks clean.
So those of you that have not already, check out my friend Rudy's blog, I have it posted under favorites. Also, my friend Dana just posted her first blog. You have GOT to check out her
jewelry. I have shown you a bit of her work here, but you gotta see her stuff. She is listed under Art by Dana, in favorites as well. Have a happy weekend.

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