Saturday, January 12, 2008

Goodbye Ordinary

"Live like there's no tomorrow;
Love extravagantly;
Leave a light to be followed;
Goodbye ordinary,
Goodbye ordinary"
MercyMe-Goodbye Ordinary

This is a line from an amazing song that has suddenly taken on a new meaning. A very good friend of mine, and a remarkable man, was just diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. They have given him 9 months or so, but he is still about taking care of business and thinking of others. He gave me an awesome opportunity today to be of service to him. He wanted to start a blog to chronicle his journey and to reach out to others seeking experience, strength, hope and possibly some alternatives to what he may be going through. So I went over this afternoon to help him set up his blog, and give him a little instruction on how do do what he wanted to do. I was so honored that he asked me, and was only too happy to help.
This is a man, that over the 15 years or so that I have known him, has always had: someone sleeping on his couch, someone he was giving rides to, and in general, someone else's interest at heart. Now it is our turn.
Rudy, I love you, and I am praising God that He has drawn you close to Him, and is continuing to bless your life. So my friends, check out his blog, I have it listed under my favorites, and keep him in your prayers as he trudges the road ahead. Because even now, he chooses NOT to be ordinary. There is nothing ordinary about him, how he lives his life, or how he will, undoubtedly help someone else.

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