Saturday, January 26, 2008

Introducing Junior

This is an Altered Cabinet Card. A cabinet card is one of those old time-y photos mounted on hard matboard, and usually had the photographers name or studio name on the front of the picture. They were popular, I believe, in the late 1800's. This one is from a collection I won on Ebay. They were called cabinet cards because they were mounted on such stiff backing, that you could prop them up in a cabinet, instead of hanging them on the wall. I belong to a Yahoo group that alters and then trades them. This one passed the time Friday night. It is not part of a trade set yet, but maybe I will find a theme to go along with it. It is painted with Lumiere paints, background stamps, gold spray webbing and some fun embellishments. "Introducing Junior"

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bockel24 said...

Beautiful colours and a lovely Cab card!