Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Take That IKEA!

So while in the process of creating my art space, my husband and I took a trip to IKEA. Now, for the most part, I love IKEA. I love their products, I love their prices, I even love the way they make you wander through the whole store, whether you like it or not. What I don't like about IKEA, is how much everyone else loves IKEA. What I mean by that is, all the good stuff is usually backordered into the next quarter. Now for one who prides herself on instant gratification, that does not hold well with me.

So when I found this great art table, complete with legs that have storage in them, I had to have it. Well, I got the table top, but the legs, well let's just say Halloween will have come and gone before they are back in stock. So since I have had an old drafting table stored at my husbands shop for, oh, about ten years, we decided to dust it off and see if it will work. Well, let me tell you!!! Did it work? BOY DID IT!! I now have, not only a great table top, but it is mounted on the legs of my old drafting table that mechanically raise and lower, and tilt back and forth. Gosh I am so happy.........(sigh) if I only had the flooring.

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Ann Christine Dennison said...

I too have Ikea shelving and the same drawers as you in my workroom. I love to see other peoples studios so thanks for sharing yours :-)
If you are interested in seeing mine click here ....