Saturday, September 15, 2007

Am I Smarter than a First Grader????-Reposted from September 2007

Well, let's see. My five year old son was put up into the 1-3 grade class at his Montessori school. He was an early reader, so they decided to see how he did with the upper grades. So besides whining because there was more homework, he was doing ok.
Last week I went to pick him up from school, and we went into his class to get his homework out of his cubby. There was the phonics workbook, and a worksheet that looked like it has not been finished. When I looked close I saw that it was subtraction of three digit numbers. You know, like 824 - 411 =? I figured another older kid must have accidentally put his worksheet into Connor's cubby. There is no way my just turned 5 year old could possible be doing this level of work. Everyone always puts their names on the papers, so I looked to see who's cubby this should go into. I said "Connor, this isn't your work, where is Hto's cubby?" That was the name that was in the upper left corner of the paper, right above the first problem, where kids always put their name. (Now wait for it, this is the funny part) I kid you not, he rolled his eyes at me and said "MOM" "That is not "Hto", that stands for hundreds, tens and ones, you know, for subtraction" So I ask the question again? Am I smarter than a First Grader???? ummmmmm

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