Monday, March 8, 2010

Upcycled??Recycled?? Painting over crap

So I have decided that I will buy no more canvas, boards, paper......anything to paint on, until I have used what I have, what I have been saving and what I hate. I have many pieces of wood, of canvas board, of framed canvases, that I have started paintings on and then either did not finish, or thought I finished and then couldn't stand to look at it, Many of these were thrown into the corner of my studio. Apparently I have a large collection of these "items" needing to be recycled. This is the first of many that I will do something with before I spend any more money on canvas.


M said...

Oh yes, we all have canvasses like that!:) The unfinished and sometimes the un-loved ones...thrown in the cupboard.

I Gesso them and then paint over these ones; sometimes 2-3 times.:)

Good luck Carrie!!

Anonymous said...

i have had the same dilema in the I too just paint over my stuff till i get what i like...there's no use saving what you feel just doesn't measure up to what you like personally! right!!

I love what you've done here!!! it's great!

ciao bella

Anonymous said...

and think too of the money you'll save by using older stuff....or 'crap' like you said....that's a comfort to your wallet!!!

Paula Phillips said...

Painting over crap. hehehe. The funny thing is, I really like what you are about to cover up!
You are such an inspiration to me.
Much Love!

Studio 13 by Carrie said...

Ok, I think I did not make myself clear here. This is what I covered the canvas up WITH!!! I went back and read this and realized that it looked like this was what it looked like before.....nope, this is after!!!

Diana said...

I love your idea...sometimes I come across stuff and go augghhh...I'd be happy to not see that again. thanks