Saturday, June 13, 2009

Forever Ago!!

Wow, I just looked at my last blog post and saw that it was almost 6 weeks ago!! What a bad blogger I am. For some reason things have been crazy around here. I feel like I have done very little art lately, not counting going up to Asilomar for Art&Soul. It does seem as though my muse has seen fit to take a vacation. I did get a tiny bit of inspiration tonight so I am working on a couple of things right now. I am waiting for some gel medium to dry, so I thought I would pop on over here for a bit.
So my son turned 7 today!! What a great time we had at his party. 8 kids, counting him (and a couple of siblings), and it went pretty smooth. We now have every Lego Power Miner set there is!! My husband, however, was not there, as he was home sick with pneumonia!! That's right, pneumonia!!! He has been down all week, and after 2 trips to the ER, they finally took a chest x-ray, and voila!! Pneumonia!!!
So here is a pic of the birthday boy with his balloon hat, and a group shot with the bear. (at least I think it's a bear).

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