Saturday, June 13, 2009

Be The Match! Save a life!

So between Blogger and Facebook and MySpace and Twitter, ( and many more I am sure) there has never been an easier way to get info out to people all over the world, with the click of a mouse.

I am going to use my blogger powers for good, and hope that this post can inspire some prayers, and maybe save a life.

My cousin and her family have been going through medical issues for awhile. Her husband has cancer and they tell him that he has exhausted his treatment efforts. So his choices are, let the cancer run it's course or have a bone marrow transplant. He will be meeting with doctors in a couple of weeks to go through the info on that option.

So I would ask that all of you out there in blogger/facebook/twitter/myspace ...blah blah blah, send your prayers to Rick!! Pray for healing, for the family, for the doctors and for a bone marrow match.

And if you are not a registered bone marrow donor, there are people all over the world waiting to be matched. Check out the link below, and give it some serious consideration. All it takes is a cheek swap to be registered!

Thanks all, and feel free to repost or retweet, or whatever sounds your networking program makes!!

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