Sunday, October 5, 2008

In the Heart

During worship a couple of weeks ago, our worship Pastor Scott, said something that immediately stuck in my head. He quoted from a book he was reading by the President of our denomination, Jack Hayford. I am not sure of the title of the book, I think it might be "Manifest Presence", but not sure. Anyway, he said "What is birthed in the heart, finds it's expression in the hands" I thought WOW, what an amazing ideal, and have spent a bit of time just thinking about what that means to me. As a Christian, as an artist and, overall, as a person. While it is easy for me to translate this into a piece of art, it was a bit harder to incorporate this quote into a piece that dealt with myself as an artist and a daughter of Christ. So hard, in fact, that I have made 2 different works, and am not entirely thrilled with either one. This is the second one I did, showcasing the freedom in my heart I have felt in the past 3 years. This is 8x10 mixed media encaustic, with a mexican tin sagrado ornament for the heart.


Headless Mom said...

Really cool. I have a feeling you'll continue to 'work this out' and come up with more. More for us to love!

Glad you're back!

Roberta said...

Oh, I LOVE that quote... I don't think I've heard it before...but HOW true it is!! I especially love it, because I collect hands .. I have hands all over the place...but esp. in my bathroom, porcelain hands that used to be used for making rubber gloves, hands for displaying jewelry, hands for holding your rings, etc., hands that hold photos, hands that pray, hands that do lots of stuff... Anyway, I also love your artwork on this well as the one following this one. My kinda stuff!! (and I mean "stuff" in the most complimentary way!!)