Sunday, October 26, 2008

Drawing with Confidence...I don't think so

So The Pasadena Learning and Art Expo was this past weekend. I was juried into the exhibit, which was very exciting. I have only been in one other juried exhibit, and it was in Lowell, MA., and I did not get a chance to actually see my work hanging, so this was cool. I did not win the big fat grand prize, but it was still pretty great. Dana and I took a couple of classes on Friday. I took a "Self Employed Artist" class which was pretty informative. I learned some new ways to promote and get more of my images out there. We both took "Artist Trading Card Workshop" with Bernie Berlin, and it was amazing. even though I don't work too much in the small format anymore, she is one of my favorite artists and I wouldn't NOT have missed the opportunity. She is so fun and funky and gracious!! We had a blast. On Saturday I was solo, and I took a "Drawing with Confidence" class. About the only person with any confidence was the instructor, and she was not shy about letting us know what she knew and we didn't. She spoke with so much condescension and had very little patience, I was a little shocked. I will not be taking another class with this instructor, needless to say. This was the only subject we drew that I had sort of affection for, and I am sure that was because I have had a little expreience with drawing faces. I know form wise it is not perfect, but I do love big eyes. Big Big Eyes!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Carrie being juried in is something to be very proud of! It sounds like other than the one class the weekend was very eventful for you. Remember most people that condesend others are just trying to make themselves look and feel better about themself. You are filled with great talent! Debbie

Janny said...

She is looking great, beautiful eyes;o)