Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Forever Ago

So it seems like forever ago that I blogged. Oh was! After a weeks vacation, My step-son's wedding in Spokane, back to work full time, and a flu that kicked my butt...........I am back!

So what have I done in the last month, creatively???? Well.............not a whole lot of new stuff, but I did get some stuff together for submission to several different publications. Fingers and toes crossed please!!! There is a bunch more work to put those submissions together than I thought. Or maybe it was because I was doing more than was a lot of work. Not to mention that I really wanted to do something special to get noticed at Somerset, so I spent a day turning the box I mailed my artwork in, into a little bit of art itself. Fun! Now, will this really make a difference? Who knows. But if I was the person in the mailroom down there in Laguna Hills, I know I would like to see something a little different get dropped by the UPS guy once in awhile.
I also did another in the series I have been doing with the one school photo I have of my dad. This series was submitted to another publication, so I will only show a small piece of it here. ( don't wanna jinx it, if you know what I mean) I used one of the backgrounds I made up at Asilomar, with Misty Mawn, and it worked beautifully

I also signed up to take a few classes at the Pasadena Learning and Product Expo next month, so I am excited about that. They are also have a juried exhibit running for the weekend, so I submitted a couple of pieces for that too. One is a piece I have for sale at MMCA Marketplace (see sidebar link) called "Greetings" and this one, that I have framed over my fireplace, because it is a favorite, and I do not want to part with it. It is called "Fragile Beauty"
So that is what I have been up to in the last month. Hope all is well with all of you!!

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