Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Handmade Journal

Last weekend, Dana and I went out to the RSC show in Carson. We got to hang out for a bit with Teesha and Tracy Moore of zettiology.com, and they even had a little make-n-take. FUN!

Teesha was selling these great journals she had hand made, and while I did not have enough cash on me to get one, I absolutely loved them. Her artwork is amazing anyway, and this journal was awesome. She told me that the instructions were posted on her website, so this weekend, I decided to go for it. I had a blast. I have always wanted to make my own handbound book, start to finish, and her instructions were pretty easy to follow. Here is my finished product. Instructions for the journal are here:http://www.teeshamoore.com/how_to_make_journals.htm
I used (2) 8x10 canvas boards for the covers, painted them and added copies of other journal pages for the inside front and back covers. I used (15) Fabriano hot press watercolor sheets cut to 9.5" x 15.5", and folded in half to give me 30 pages. I then separated them into 3 stacks of 5 to attach in sets. Thick pieces of painted linen were used for the binding, and waxed linen thread was used to sew all of the pages into the spine. (you can see the thread if you look close) Beads were tied to the leftover linen thread, and holes punched into the covers to make the button tie closure. I then stamped the title on the front and added a few rub ons to finish it off. I think I will use this journal when we go on vacation is August. It is a little smaller and easier to carry around, plus I just started a new one a few weeks ago, so I feel I need to get through that one first. I am so please with how this came out! Thank you Teesha Moore for always being such great inspiration.


Martina said...

I LOVE IT! And the best thing is that you had the courage to just tackle it on your own, which is even better than just buying one. It's beautiful!

Dawn said...

This is wonderful, something I dream of doing one day...you have inspired me xxx