Monday, July 28, 2008

10 Minute Trainer Tried to Kill Me!!!!

Deep breath in......ok good!! So those that know me, know that I am a sucker for an infomercial!! We have so many products in our house that were originally "As seen on T.V" that we could probably open our own store. So needless to say, 3 weeks ago, I got sucked into yet another one. Yep, the 10 Minute Trainer was just the thing I needed to change my life!! Ok, so I am carrying an extra 30 pounds still (or again), from the birth of my son. OMGosh, was that 6 years ago? Whatever!!!
So I am watching the show. What's that......tears from a client that completely had their life changed IN JUST 10 MINUTES A DAY!!! The founder, looking a little misty eyed as he talks about a man who was at death's door and brought himself back IN JUST 10 MINUTES A DAY!!!!
Hand me the phone and where do I sign??
After giving them 2 payments of $39.99, I waited anxiously for my UPS man. 5-7 business days later, (yep, if you order now you can get FREE express shipping, saving yourself the anguish of waiting 3 weeks.........Note above, when I ordered it.), and still no trainer. I do not have the time or energy to get into THAT story. Suffice it to say, 5-7 business days didn't happen. 3 weeks later,(today) I got my trainer. I did, however, manage to talk them into refunding my shipping charges, and sending me the items that were missing from my order. Should be here in 5-7 business days!!
So now it's 4:30 pm and I just picked up Connor from Summer camp. I asked him if he wanted to do my workout video with me and he informed me, he did not need to exercise today. Shot down!!! Plus, we have been fasting this month at church, and I chose Monday lunches in July. So I don't eat breakfast, had no lunch and nothing in my system but Starbucks Doubleshots all day. Yeah, lets start a workout regimen!!!!!
Ok, seriously, I thought the guy was trying to kill me!! There are 5 videos and you can do 1 a day (10 minutes) or 2 or 3. So, hopped up on espresso, I decided to do 3. Well, let me tell you, not a good idea. I think the 10 minute trainer people got word from customer service, that I called a week ago and threatened to start an internet campaign with all 19 of my blogger friends, dissing their fraudulent shipping promises. They, in turn, must have sent me a "special" workout video that they send to their troublemakers. Halfway into the second 10 minutes, I thought I was going to DIE!!! For reals, I had to crawl to the couch, and wait for the spinning to stop. And then wait for the urge to throw up to stop. And then wait for the cold sweating to stop. I just wanted it ALL to stop.
"Don't give up, you can do this", I tell myself. video...........that's it, just one.


Anonymous said...

Well, TurboJam got me! I end up suckin' air like a wind tunnel. And talk about look like a spaz! I am SSSOOO uncoordinated--me, who danced ALL THE TIME!!!!! It's a disgrace(that's why I don't go to the gym!) But, hey, I'll keep at it if you will! Deal?

Dawn said...

I got sucked into an exercise machine, gave it away and decided walking the dog was more fun...your description of how your video made you feel had me cracking up...sorry! stick to 1 I say or get a dog...

Anonymous said...

Well, sorry to disagree, but 10 minute trainer did not try to kill you. You did that yourself by not eating, I mean come on starbucks! That's all you had? No wonder you got sick, room was spining, etc. Your body needs nutrition, protein, vitamins, minerals, carbs, etc., not starbucks to be healthy. Don't be fooled, caffine is a drug and is only good 4 a short boost. The body uses carbs 4 energy. And when I say carbs I mean potatoes, not french fries. Fried food in general is bad 4 you. Or whole wheat, not white bread like so many people eat. White bread turns into sugar once digested. And 4 your info. people that don't eat breakfast tend to weigh more. Try oatmeal, eggs, or cereal for breakfast, with a glass of orange juice. You will feel much better and have a lot more energy 4 your work out. You can't not eat and then workout. Also you should wait at least an hour after you eat before you workout, but no more than 3-4 hours. More info: Eggs have all 3 branch chain amino acids(BCAA), which are the building blocks of protein. I hope you read this message and don't get mad. I'm a personal trainer and I really do love helping people. I don't get satisfaction out of saying I told ya so, I just like helping people. As far as the deal with the shipping, that sucks, I feel your pain, been there before. I hope I have been helpful, and I hope you stick with your workouts, but don't try to do to much at once. I remeber when I first started and tried 2 do to much at once, didn't eat enoungh and got dissy too, I just wish I wound of had some one 2 tell me at the time, instead of learning by trial and error. So with that being said, I wish you and any body else that reads this the best of luck!!!

Studio 13 by Carrie said...

Ok to the idiot who "anonymously" posted (loser!!! use your name already) My blogpost on "10 minute trainer" was commentary, a life experience, a funny little glimpse into my mind. Otherwise known as "it's called a sense of humor, you should get one, they're nice!!"
Please don't waste my blogspace by actually thinking that was serious, and try to train me online! PLease!!!