Friday, March 7, 2008

Great Article

There is a great article in the March/April issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors Magazine. It is called "Collaged Affirmations", by Kelly Rae Roberts, and it is so cool. It talks about using positive affirmation to quiet the inner critic, the enemy, or just plain bad thoughts. Then, by taking those affirmations and putting them into your artwork, your art becomes much more personal. Then she had this great tutorial to try the process out. Here is my version of "Prepare for Life". I love Kelly Rae's simple features that she uses for her examples. I am not so good at the "real life" acrylic painting, and had a real hard time with the face on this one. But the childlike qualities of the image were pretty easy to do, thankfully. My affirmations are:
Prepare for life
You Matter
Never give up
I know what I am supposed to look like! (my favorite)
Ministry or Mission
Progress not Perfection
I have used some of her techniques in the past for backgrounds, and I love how she places her images, and the backgrounds themselves are really rich with color and textures. Ok, now off to the next fun thing!!

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bockel24 said...

Your piece is not only personal but beautiful as well!