Friday, November 30, 2007

New Obsession

So I have this friend, Dana, who is an amazing artist. She hand makes jewlery; beads and wire and ribbon, and just awesome stuff. On Monday she gave me a lesson in soldering so I could finish a canvass piece that I am submitting to Somerset Studio Magazine. I am hooked!! So I finished the piece, then she showed me how she makes ornaments. With memory glass, collaged images, ribbon and beads, I made my first ornament. I promptly went to the bead store ( The Garden of Bead'n-is that not the greatest name ever?), and then to the place that sells all the cool solder stuff, and came home and made more. Here is the first of (what I suspect) will be many.


christopher said...

My son says Santa's not real!

Lady Loony said...

I must say I am now the proud owner of some Carrie originals, and I couldn't be happier! Amazing you are!!!