Friday, November 30, 2007

Glenn's big day

Wow two big days in a row. Yesterday we flew to Sacramento where Glenn was honored by the Red Cross at their annual Hero's Luncheon. What an amazing day!!! The family of the girl he saved met us at the airport, and took care of us all day. We got to visit the capital, where Glenn was given an award by the Lt. Governor, and then on to UC Davis, where the luncheon was. It was so emotional to hear the story again, and to be there with the family while they were giving Glenn the award, was amazing. God has a great plan for this girl, and I am so grateful to Him for allowing us to be a part of her life.


Maija said...

What a proud day for both of you!

I was lucky enough to receive one of your cdv's in the Halloween swap hosted by Heather! What a strange and wonderful man with his mask on! I will treasure this wonderful piece of art.
Thank you!

Lady Loony said...

I can't believe what a Blessed family you are. To think of all the trials in your life you've overcome, and all the amazing things you've all done in His name simply takes my breath away. Keep believing!