Monday, September 26, 2011

Gathering of Artisans and LINKwithlove

So on my mind this week is....the fact that I will be flying out to Asheville NC on Wednesday to take part in A Gathering of Artisans. I am so excited and cannot wait to see what God will do.  I am taking an all day class on Thursday with Carol Bomer, in her studio in Asheville.  It is a cold wax technique that I have never done, so I am really looking forward to it.   I have done encaustic painting before, but never with cold wax, so, we'll see!!

The rest of the weekend is amazing too.  I will be taking a class with Pattie Ann Hale, and look at the description of the class

"This workshop will take participants on a multi-sensory exploration through the scriptures of John 4. As we engage the scriptures of the woman at the well – her encounter with Jesus and his offer of living water – participants will symbolically and prophetically experience their own journey of encountering Jesus in this way"

Wow.....This is going to be awesome!!

There is also a personal cartography class and a bookbinding class and a journal class that I will be in, so, it's all good stuff!!!!! 
And since I have never been to North Carolina, I am excited to take lots of photos around the area!!. I will post pics once I get back.

Which leads me to what is also on my mind.  Thanks to the lovely blog post by Stella Singleton, I found out about LINKwith love.  this is a site dedicated to spreading the word about using images you find online, without proper credit.  It's about respect, and it is a big deal.  So hop on over and check out all my linky things!! :) And I will see you all next week!!

p.s.  I just had to post this pic becuase it is now my new favorite pic I have taken EVER!!

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