Sunday, February 14, 2010

Countdown to Vegas!!

I am very excited to be getting ready to go to Art&Soul in Las Vegas. The last few years I have been to the West Coast A&S (not Portland yet, but soon!!) that has been held at Asilomar. I have loved every minute of it.
The location, the atmosphere, the serenity, the inspirtation. So I have been wondering how all of that will translate into an art retreat in Vegas. Now, don't get me wrong, I love me some Vegas. And I love Art&Soul, so I am very excited to see how the two mesh next week.

I have all these plans in my head for when I am not in class, that mostly include naps and journaling and more naps and gambling, and napping!! LOL, yeah, I do love a good nap.

So I have all of my supplies, a few to share, and orders for what I can get from Maria. I was signed up for a journal class with Judy Wise, but she can't make it. I do love her journal work, but I am sure Glenny has sent a fabulous replacement.

I have been doing lots of pages using the Tulip Cannon and graffiti stencils, and show a few more here. Mostly used as backgrounds and not so much focal point. They sure do make for an easy and cool background though!!


Janet Ghio said...

I love your artwork. It is so fun and colorful. I bought some of the grafitti stencils, but haven't got the paint yet. They look like so much fun. have a great time at Art and Soul!!

Denise said...

It was nice meeting you in Vegas. Check out my jewelry in the March issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry. Page 120. Denise. They did a typo on my whereabouts. I live in Utah and not Amity. I signed up on your facebook page. Denise