Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cool new product

So my Facebook friend, Pam C. posted a few times about a cool new product she was trying out called Tulip Paint Cannons. They are fabric paints, used in a spray tube that you pump up with air and use like spray paint. I was needing to paint some patterns on a school project for my son, and I thought since my surface was not flat, that these would work great. Off to Michael's I went. I bought a few different colors, but only one paint cannon. That won't work, so I will be going back for several more cannons. I am not one to clean something out everytime I want to change colors.
These cannons, with the graffiti stencils that are part of the line, worked very nice. I should have practiced a little more to get the hang of it before I painted on the boy's project material, but it came out ok. I then moved on to my fun fun!!!!!
These are a couple of pages I did. I only used the paint sprayer on the city scape, but then I used the paper towel I blotted the stencil on for the next page like a reverse stencil. Cool.
I also used a couple of the stencils over a hand drawn steampunk city background, but here I used Colorbox chalks for the color. I love how these pages came out. Thanks Pam!!!


PCarriker said...

These turned out fab Carrie!!!!
Fun aren't they?

Sherry said...

very cool
I also liked how Pam used bingo daubers with her paint.
I'm like you - clean it every time? ick.

Mary said...

I saw these on Pam's site. Now I definitely need to get some - so cool!!!

hannahbells said...

these are so cool! i'm following your blog.

Lisa said...

Nice art :-)

NiyyaNoire said...

love this!

maverick diva said...

i looveee your art!!! its so briliant!
im following your blog intensely now haha.

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