Wednesday, September 2, 2009

These are a few.....of my favorite people!!

I have my favorite things in life. My favorite shoes, my favorite art supplies, my favorite magazines, and people in my life that are truly special. Our Youth Pastors are a couple of those favorite people, that make me smile no matter what. They have been at my church as long as I have been there, and I have seen them pour out their lives into the lives of the youth that attend that church. He brings it when he preaches, and to hear her sing worship is a blessing. For REALS!!! (This picture was a card I made for her....a songbird)
They were recently asked to step down (boo!!), and after waiting on the Lord for direction, feel that moving back home to Maryland, is His plan for them.
They are a young couple, with a two year old, and working in ministry is not exactly big money. They recently went to ship their stuff home, and after a horrendous ordeal trying to get that done, they found that the shipping container was too small, and they needed another one, plus storage, to get all their belongings home. We want to help!!
Along with another couple, (The Headless Family5) we are looking to help them pay for another shipment container back home. The container will cost $1,300.00 to ship from California to Maryland, and storage for a month until they get settled and get a place.
If you can help, in any way, please let me know. I have a Paypal account (click button below), or you can email me with info.
This family has been such a blessing to countless kids, and to my family as well, and we would appreciate anything you can do! Every penny will go directly to them, and we can help send them out, to continue to pour into kids' lives and bless those that meet them!!


Dawn said...

How sweet of you to help, hope my little bit helps to boost the coffers xxx

Janny said...