Saturday, August 8, 2009

Female 60's Icon Series

My husband insisted we have a yardsale. I didn't want to have a yardsale, it's alot of work and you gotta get up early and folks never want to pay the same amount as the little stickers you spent hours tacking on every single piece of craptastic treasure you managed to dig out, dust off and display. So now for the bright side: We found a great box of family photos nobody had seen for years, and I found my old sketchbooks from college. I had forgotten how much I love to draw. I am not so much with the still life fruits or scenic stuff, but give me a photo big enough that I can get the proper proportions, and I love to detail with charcoal.
I found some old magazine photos that I had used previously for a couple of drawings, and drew them again on watercolor paper. They came out so good, that I decided to do an entire series of Female icons from the 60's. Here are the first 4: Twiggy, Barbara, Marilyn and Lucy. Depending on how many I get finished, I should have a good sized collection to sell at the Upland Music and Arts Festival in November.
12" x 18" charcoal on Fabriano hot press

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Roberta said...

Hi Carrie,
This is Roberta, from last year's Misty class in Asilomar (and I did get to see you for a bit at this year's Art and Soul too!)...but just popped on over to see what new art, and I am SO in awe of your journal pages, your collages, paintings, and your charcoal drawings! You are amazing, and OH-SO-TALENTED. I knew it sitting next to you at Misty's class, and I see it are quite the artist! Thanks for sharing your art the variety you have on your blog!