Thursday, July 23, 2009

So Un-inspired

What the.......??? It seems like forever since I have found the inspiration, the muse, the desire to create!! Why does that happen to me? I can spend hours cruising through blogs and magazines and see some amazing eye candy, and yet, nothing seems to give my soul the push it needs to get going. I haven't journaled (anything worthwhile) in a month! Argghhhh!!

So what do I do, when I can't think of anything to do?? I follow direction. Tutorials, magazine techniques, DIY network, whatever....I fele half alive when I am not creating, so I got to go make SOMETHING!!

So for now, I am off to try DJ Pettit's "Let's Face it" in the latest Somerset Studio magazine. Here is a little something I did, oh I can't even remember when. Titled "Saint Hearted"

12" x 21" mixed media on watercolor paper


Roberta said...

I like this piece~!! Sometimes, when I am feeling uninspired, I look for "calls to artists" to see what is being offered and in what categories ... it has sometimes inspired me to get creative again! Also, I go thru my stash of treasures (of which I have TOO much in my basement!), and find a particular object that inspires me to make something with it! Your work is so wonderfully creative, I'm sure this "rest" is going to produce some wonderful works in the near future! I look forward to seeing them!

Janny said...

This is great! Terrible when you have a creative block, I know!