Friday, January 30, 2009

Time Flies

Well I gotta tell you, January is gone and I don't remember most of it. What have I been doing? Sometimes I get through the week, and the last time I checked it was Tuesday. Anyway, I have been getting ready to pack up 18 works of art and head to Phoenix for First Friday Art Walk @ Waldoism gallery. I have never had a solo show before, but I have been to several. After seeing how things were done, extras they had, and running a few of my own ideas through my head, I think I am ready. I have my work all framed, wall info tags done, business cards made, a portfolio of works to show other galleries while I am there, and a pretty good idea of how things will be set up. So I guess that is where January went. But I am excited to see family, and I am driving out with two of my aunts, whose children live in Phoenix, so ROAD TRIP!!!! I have assembled a playlist on my IPod that I am pretty sure won't scare either one of them, (think Paul Simon, MercyMe, Taylor Hicks and Elton John), and I will wash my car!! Yep, ready! I am bummed to be missing my son's open house at school, and a fundraiser that my husband is involved in for a men's recovery ranch, but excited too. I have found a bit of time to do some journal pages for an online class I am taking with Pam Carriker. These are those.

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Bev said...

Good for you hon...those pages are really great too...I just took a break from working on one of's been fun hasn't it?? I'm happy to have found your blog...enjoy!! Bevie