Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Somewhere Tonight

My husband is friends with a Pastor , who has had an amazing vision of how the Lord wants us to reach our community. It involves coming together within every denomination, and offering our community hope through Jesus. I have never met the man, but from what I read of his vision, and from what my husband has told me, he is truly anointed. Part of the vision is to have the same response when anyone asks us why we are doing this. The answer is "This is for people about to divorce, for the people bound by drugs, for the people who are so miserable they drink themselves to sleep, for the people ready to commit suicide: to bring hope to those who feel like they have no hope"
This piece is my interpretation of that and borrows (altered) lyrics from a singer/songwriter named Michael Lord, (who is an independent musician in the L.A. are. And seriously, this man's music is so amazing, I don't know why he is not a Grammy Award winning artist.) 9"x12" mixed media on gessoboard


IMA WAHM said...

That is such a beautiful piece and such an awesome "story." Thank you for sharing it.


nikki said...

i dont think words can come close to describing the beauty throughout this piece...i am in awe...truly in awe.....beautiful work!