Sunday, June 29, 2008

Vintage Spoon Book

I read about this cool project in the latest Cloth, paper, Scissors magazine called "vintage spoon books" and I had to try it. After searching through many antique stores to find reasonably priced spoons, I scored a few when Dana and I went to Pasadena this week. The text is one of my favorite Proverbs, and it reads left to right on both front and back. I thank my hubby for drilling the holes for me!


Wanda H said...

I love this!!!!

Dawn said...

Amazing....I have a collection of spoons to use one day....maybe that day will come sooner than I think - another inspiration xx

Lorri said...

Absolutely love your spoons! I have blogged about the 'spoon theory' not related, but kind of LOL, i also have a giveaway on my blog you might want to look at or share.
Thanks, great job your spoons are delightful!

PCarriker said...

Love what you did with the spoons! I saw that article and love how you took that idea to the next step. Great job:-)
Pam Carriker