Sunday, December 23, 2007

My Happy ending

I did this page today reflecting the trouble I sometimes have getting creative inspiration. The girl on the right is pulling the creativity out of the little artist. She is then looking at me like "ha ha I told you we could do it" Sometimes I feel like I literally have to pull the ideas out, and I don't always know exactly where my creativity comes from. I know it is a true God given gift, but sometimes it feels alot like work. I just bought a little journal kit called "Wide Open-Inspiration and Techniques for Art Journaling on the Edge", by Randi Feuerhelm-Watts. It comes with a creativity notebook, and 50 inspiration cards that are very cool. It has some very interesting ideas, things I would have never in a million years thought of. Like how to take interesting pictures, off the wall photos, where to look for new ideas. It is awesome.
The little artist in this piece is part of a Saturday Evening Post Magazine cover I have. I bought about 50 original covers in an antique store one time. This one is dated October 28, 1950. Click on the photo for a closer look

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Lady Loony said...

So I love, love, love this one. It really is quite amazing to see how much you have evolved in your art since we met!